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A Bit about Highline Collective

We are a senior-level team of dreamers, doers, and decision makers who are hyper-focused on bringing results-oriented marketing to life for our clients.

We come together from all over the industry. Our collective background spans B2B and B2C across categories including:

Health Care


Food Service





Building Products

Packaged Goods


In our past lives we helped build many beloved brands – some of which are listed below:

Victoria’s Secret Logo_Stacked_Black-1.png

We look forward to bringing that same dedication to helping shape your brand and crush your business goals. 


How We Started

As many great ideas happen, it all started over a glass of wine.


For more than a decade, we had worked with some of the biggest marketing agencies and consulting firms in the world, helping mega brands break through the marketing clutter and hit their revenue goals.


But we were increasingly seeing Main Street and Middle Market businesses struggle to stand out as the digital ecosystem became more fragmented. We knew we could take the same principles that grow a brand into a global powerhouse and apply those to smaller businesses to help them consistently hit, if not exceed, their business goals. 


Highline Collective was born.

Highline Trail, Glacier Lake

Our Name

We are named after the Highline Trail that follows along the western side of the Continental Divide in Glacier National Park. The amazing thing about the Highline Trail is hikers gain almost 3,000 feet in elevation, see glaciers from above, and walk among the mountains all without any specific training or tools needed. It’s a trail. A well-marked, defined trail.


Sure, you have to walk many miles. It’s not easy. It takes more than 9 hours out and back. But it requires no special mountain-climbing skills – anyone can enjoy the beauty of the trail…if they choose to undertake the journey.   

It's just like building a successful business that’s supported by a healthy brand. It’s not easy. It takes time. But the path to get there isn’t a secret. It’s not something that only mega brands can achieve. Any business can find success on the path…if they choose to undertake the journey. 

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