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Evaluating a Business Idea

Built to give your team the critical marketing elements needed to quickly, yet strategically, move from planning to action.

Best suited for:

Anyone with an idea and an entreprenurial spirit

Workshop Topics Inlucde:

Market Analysis

  • Identify core competitors or alternatives 

  • Analyze competitors or alternatives, identifying strengths and weaknesses

  • Evaluate competitive marketing / advertising and identify any market white space 

  • Define product or service pricing by translating value into dollars

Brand Strategy

  • Define target audience(s) – who is most likely to need your product or service?

  • Define competitive positioning – what makes your brand or business unique? 

  • Define value proposition – why should customers support your business?

Marketing Plan

  • Define your goals and the budget required to achieve them

  • Identify where & how to market to reach your audience(s) most efficiently

  • Define your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and how you will measure success

Design Thinking

  • Based on all the critical inputs above, map out the viability, feasibility, and desirability of the business

So... What do you do?

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